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About me

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Maite Azumendi

I am Maite Azumendi, graduated in Psychology at Deusto University (UD). The third year of my degree I studied in Chile, at the Catholic University of Maule. It was during my staying there when I learned about Systemic Therapy, in which, later, I did my specialization at UD. In addition, I did a Master's degree in Health Psychology at the same university.     

I have experience in family therapy, as well as in couples and individual. I collaborated with Lagungo, a family orientation center, and with the Psychosocial Module in Cruces, an area near Bilbao. This allowed me to see cases with different characteristics and needs. On the other hand, I worked as a family psychologist through a collaboration agreement in a psychology center in Castro-Urdiales, a city also near Bilbao. When finishing my collaboration with those centers I worked at GAUDE, an association in favor of people with intellectual disabilities and in the prevention area of Gizakia (Proyecto hombre). 

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