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Services and Fees

In MA  Psychology  we understand  that taking the first step to come to therapy is not easy, that's why we offer you the first session for free (30 min.). 

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Individual Therapy

Throughout life it is common to find difficult moments in which we feel down and unmotivated. Some of these moments are overcome without much difficulty by ourselves. Then, when is the right time to go to therapy? When these difficulties prevent us from carrying out activities of daily life, when they negatively affect our affective relationships (partner, family, friends, couple ...), when we feel a continuous discomfort over time or when we want to deepen in our own life to know ourselves better.

Through individual therapy, we offer a safe space to easy introspection in order to know oneself better and to get tools to overcome this moment of difficulty. 


- Anxiety and stress

- Insomnia or sleep problems

- Aggression

- Personal growth

- Depression

- Emotional management

- Conflict resolution

- Fears and phobias

- Work problems, etc.

Couples Therapy

Couple therapy

Relationships are complex. They evolve and change over time. For this reason, it is not uncommon for different conflicts to appear (continuous discussions, problems in coexistence, changes in sexuality, etc.), which, at times, are difficult for us to solve and thus, they create discomfort in the couple.    

In Couple Therapy, we approach these situations by facilitating communication and helping to develop tools to solve conflicts.  


- Coexistence problems

- Ongoing discussions

- Jealousy

- Changes in sexuality

- Infidelities

- Problems with families of origin, children, etc.

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Family Therapy

Throughout life, conflicts arise in the family due to different reasons. Sometimes, these conflicts are solved without presenting a major difficulty. However, there are situations in which we do not know how to solve these problems, generating discomfort and suffering in the different members of the family. 


In Family Therapy, we teach you to identify these difficulties and work on them to make easier the communication between family members, as well as to help them develop and acquire techniques and tools that help them improve their conflicts. 


- Difficulties in coexistence

- Problems and disagreements in education (standards, limits, etc.) 

- Difficulties for fluent communication within the family 

- Conflictive or aggressive relationships within family members 

- Conflictive divorces 

- Advice for reconstituted families (those that occur after a divorce with children of other previous couples) 

Fees and Bonuses

Individual therapy

Session (1h)

50 EUR

Couple therapy

Session (1h)

55  EUR


Session (1h 30min)

70 EUR

Online therapy


45 EUR

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